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  1. Probably this is not available in Student version then. I could not find it using search as well.
  2. Hi , I am not able to locate the /THERMAL card in the ENGINE keywords. Can you please help me locate it. I am using HW2019 student version.
  3. Hi Pranav, Is Transient heat transfer analysis for composites now available in RADIOSS coming with HW 2019 student version? regards Biju
  4. Thank you very much Hyperman! Let me try those and would seek help if I face any further challenges. Really appreciate your help.
  5. Thank you Hyperman! Does the "DT/NODA/CST" or "Advanced Mass Scaling" apply to a thermal analysis in radioss as well inorder to make it run faster?
  6. Thank you! Is there a way i could simulate an explicit RADIOSS thermal analysis of long duration (say 300 secs) within a reasonable solution time? Like we use Dynamics relaxation or mass scaling in structural analysis?
  7. Thanks Rahul! In Radioss, will Heat transfer analysis will be performed using implicit code or explicit code?
  8. Hello, I am looking for a way to model radiation heat transfer in Optistruct. Something similar to /RADIATION In Radioss. Could you please help me find something similar in OPtistruct. Thanks in advance! Regards Biju
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