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  1. @tinh, Thank you I'll try and find some time today to try it. @joek, Sorry I haven't been ignoring you. I'll give this try from tinh a go, and if that doesn't work then a patch would be much appreciated
  2. Hi @tinh, set ::env(HMBR_CONTENT_HIDE_ASSEMBLYHIERARCHY_FOLDER) can't read "::env(HMBR_CONTENT_HIDE_ASSEMBLYHIERARCHY_FOLDER)": no such variable I feel like the functionality might be removed, but I appreciate you having a look. I've tried the crude attempt to copy over the 2017 files, but that segmentation faulted. Reports.7z Many Thanks Eric
  3. Hi Rahul, Thank you for the video, I learnt things that I wasn't expecting. But the problem still stands - I can't open the part browser in the other side, as we have our utility menu there. The Assemblies don't expand in the Model Browser The Part Assemblies don't expand in the Model Browser. The solution of opening another view on the right task bar just won't work for what we do. @tinh - Enitities - Assemblies
  4. Hey Tinh, Tried that, and it doesn't do as we want I'm afraid. Another little thing I've just noticed. Everytime you go to the "Assembly Viewer", it switches the mesh view to "By Assem", which is rather annoying...
  5. That's the configuration browser isn't it? So that allows me to see / hide assemblies within the model view, but not the ability to expand assemblies within the model view
  6. Thanks tinh, I had feared as much, but hopeful that there was a checkbox lying around somewhere
  7. Hi all, After upgrading from 2017 to 2019, I've noticed that in the standard model browser window under "Model View", you can see any assemblies but they do not expand in that pane. Instead you need to double click or go to "Assemblies view". The only issue with this, is that the "Assemblies View" only contains components and not groups etc. Is there a setting to behave like 2017 and allow the assemblies in "Model View" to expand? Many Thanks 2019 - "Model View" Unexpandable 2017 "Model View" - Expandable 2019 "Assemblies View" - No Groups or Properties etc
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