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  1. After making a modification to the design space definition of a component in my model, this resulted in changes to the solid geometry of the affected part and therefore surfaces separating the design space from non-design space could be removed and the associated surface edges could be suppressed. As a result, the component originally meshed as 2 solids (one for the design space and the other for the non-design space) now needs to be meshes as one solid. This specific part, however, shares faces with other components in the model that have already been meshed using tetras. In order to remesh the targeted component, while ensuring connectivity between the newly created elements and the pre-existing surrounding elements I attempted to extract the faces of tetra mesh where on the faces shared between the existing meshed solids and the part that I am looking to remesh. I am essentially left with a solid part that has a 2D mesh of TRIAS established on certain faces will others remain unmeshed. I want to automesh these remaining faces ad use a Volume Tetra to map the solid bounded by the surfaces.How do I do this while ensuring there is connectivity between the newly meshed faces and the pre-existing mesh,
  2. Hi, I am working on a lattice optimization problem for a UAV configuration and I am getting the following error for a series of grid points to which REB2 and REB3 elements have been attached. There is also a SET defined in the model containing all of these points. *** ERROR # 835 *** A dependent d.o.f. of rigid elements should not be defined in ASET. grid id = 23766106 component = 1 I have an idea of how to fix the issue but I do not want to mess up the FEM file as I was not the original creator. Any pointers?
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