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  1. Thank you for your support mvogel. It was of great help.
  2. I actually need more results for the same model. I would appreciate if you could solve it for me. I've already modified the parameters which I need. Thank you. frankrut_2019-12-25_13-52.zip
  3. Hi mvogel, This is the model that I've used. frankrut_2019-12-23_20-57.zip
  4. Hello, I'm trying to obtain results for 4*4 MIMO for an urban scenario. I get the propagation results just for 2 antennas. It does not compute for the 3rd antenna. I've even tried with 2*2 MIMO. There, it computes just for 1st antenna and not the second antenna. I'm using the version 2019.2.1-36905. Can you help me to fix this?
  5. Hello, By updating, it solved the license issue. Thank you.
  6. Hi, I'm having the license error as well. My license is node-locked (standalone) without the word "count". I have also tried the troubleshooting procedures and still having the error. Can you suggest me any other procedure ?
  7. Hello mvogel, Can you please send me the tutorials as well. Email: dujaya.calchand@umail.uom.ac.mu Thank you.
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