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  1. I changed the pressure offset and then switched the fluid to laminar instead of turbulent. Now it seems that it works. My reasons to use a moving mesh is because I would like to simulate the centrifugal force that comes from the fluid passing through the helical tube. I am adding the .inp file and the .log, let me know if my approach is wrong.. thanks! test_hm.inp test_hm_sim.14.Log
  2. hi! I am trying to simulate the dehumidification of the air passing through the pipe. Right now I am trying to impose a low temperature on the walls that should easily condensate the water. test_hm.inp test_hm_sim.9.Log
  3. Hi there! I am trying to simulate a flow of humid air running through an helical pipe. As the air flows, it gets cooled from a negative heat flux on the walls of the pipe. Any thoughts on how can I approach this problem? Currently, I am not able to run the simulation because I get an error "Negative absolute pressure for humid air".
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