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  1. Thanks for the quick answer and a happy new year!
  2. Hello together, is there a way to create a temp node "on top" of an already existing node, i.e. so that I have 2 nodes (one temp node and one node belonging to the analyzed structure) in the same location? Seems like a simple task to me, but I have not managed to do this. Couldn't find anything on the internet either.. Thanks for your help!
  3. To make it a little more clear maybe: - I am currently working in the optistruct user profile - I want to extract the nodal displacements for a specific load case from model A and apply them as a forced displacement in model B
  4. Hi all, I want to extract node displacements from a model with a coarse mesh and import them into a model with a fine mesh. I have already imported the nodes from the coarse model into the fine model and am now wondering how to ex- and import displacement values for them. The point is to be able to apply a variety of load cases to both models, ensure that both have the same displacement and then compare the stresses. Can anybody give me an idea on how to do that? Any help would be much appreciated!
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