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  1. Hello all, I fitted polynurbs to my optimized structure and exported it to NX via a parasolid file type. But when i open this file in NX it looks to me that the partitions i used and the optimized structures (non-design space) are not 'connected'. They seem to be seperate files but i want them to be one assembly because I need to do an FEA study on the whole structure. Does anybody know how to fix this? I also have a second question. My optimized structure does seem to have a lot of full planes (I added some photos as a link at the bottom). But i don't want a lot of planes because my structure will be 3D printed in metal and i don't want a lot of thermal stresses and deformation. So does anybody know how to get a lot of thin arms instead of full planes? I already tried to use the 'maximum thickness' constraint but it didn't seam to do the job. Sincerely, Bart
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