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  1. Hello everybody, I have to mesh a sheet structure with Hypermesh. I know with Simlab it's relatively simple to create a layered mesh for thin walled structures that are meshed with 3D-Solid elements (See pink mesh screenshot). It's even possible to define the number of layers. Could please someone tell me if it's also possible to create a layered mesh in Hypermesh? I tried to create a 2D mesh with 3 layers on sheet side faces. When creating the 3D-Mesh from 2D Hypermesh still creates large elements resulting in a single layer inside of the sheet structure (See green mesh screenshot). I tried it with different settings of 3D -->tetramesh --> "Tetra mesh" but also "Volume tetra" where I defined a element size that I thought should do the job but it didn't. Hope anybody knows what to do. Is the only way to create a midsurface and divide the structure or are the better/faster ways? Thank you.
  2. Hello, I would like to create a RBE between a node in a center of a hole and the surrounding nodes. However I do NOT want to select nodes on the bore wall which is often done because it's easy to select these nodes "by face" (Attachment left picture). I would like to select nodes in the plane of the center node with a specified radius (Attachment right picture). Is there any script available? Is there any quick manual way? Only way I could think of is to create a circle geometry around the center node and select nodes by geometry and using the created circle. Hope anyone can help. Thank you in advance.
  3. Can anyone please tell me how to associate geometry to mesh respectively how to associate surfaces/solids to nodes/elements? Thank you
  4. Can someone please tell me how to associate geometry to a mesh respectively how to associate surfaces or solids to nodes/elments in Hypermesh? Thank you.
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