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  1. Does anyone know how could I possibly access the id number of the last created point in Flux? As an example, I know that I can create a point with the Pyflu command: PointCoordinates(color=Color['White'],visibility=Visibility['VISIBLE'],coordSys=CoordSys['XY1'],uvw=['0','0'],nature=Nature['STANDARD']) In this case the interpreter numerates automatically the created point. But I can also create a point with its own id number, for example: Point[5]=PointCoordinates(color=Color['White'],visibility=Visibility['VISIBLE'],coordSys=CoordSys['XY1'],uvw=['0','0'],nature=Nature['STANDARD']) In my case I created many points in an automated routine in Python and many points were created by some kind of propagation command and numbered automatically. So, I would like to know how can I get the number of the last created point? Does anybody help? Thanks
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