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  1. Hello, I am doing a simulation with FluxMotor exporting the values to Hyperstudy to run DOEs I want to run three combined FluxMotor simulations on Hyperstudy. What I do is export the values from FluxMotor to Hyperstudy with all three types of simulations.(I create 3 files .fm2hst and then import them in Hyperstudy) And I seteach simulation with its input values. When I start the run in Hyperstudy, it runs 3 times, once for each simulation (Cogging torque, Back EMF and SineWave) The problem I have is that when it shows me the results (for example from the Pareto plot) it mixes all the values(output results) from the three simulations. (see that there are two values of Conductor No turn per Coils. Hyperstudy is comparing the results of one simulation - turn per coils of Cogging Torque for example- with another simulation - turn per coils of BackEMF for example). I would like to know if there is a way to filter these results, selecting only the simulation values that I want to compare. I dont want the analysis of different simulations (mixing simulations and results) because it doesn't make sense. All this I do it so I dont want to do 3 simulations separately but if there is no other option, I will have to do them separately Thnk you in advance.
  2. The cause of the error is that when the software is trying to find the file hst_output.hstp of the simulation, it does not appear because tere was not created (not in the folder ie: \ run__00092) and it gives an error message in that folder inside a file task__exe_err.txt: ie: " The test Performance mapping, Sine wave, Motor, Efficiency map failed due to the following problem: Cause : Unknown error Type : Unknown#100.18.39"
  3. Hello, I am doing Hyperstudy simulations of FluxMotor cases and I get many errors from “Error: Data source ((ds_)) file not found” (see image) I would like to know how to improve this. If it is due to PC requirements problems, not enough memory, or another cause. ( I have 16Gb, Intel Core i7-3720 procesator 2.6 GHz, running 200 simulations at time) Please if you could give me a hint, since I am getting only 30% of the simulations Success, and it is time that I am losing. Another question: There are cases where there is an Failture in "Execute", but in "Extract" is shown as "Success" (see image). How is that possible? Thank you very much in advance.
  4. Hello Diana, Thank you for the reply messages. So far the simulations are doing fine with the changes that you wrote me. Thank you very much!.
  5. Hello, where can I find this full video explaining the methods of DOE? MELS DOE in Hyperstudy 2017: https://altairuniversity.com/learning-library/mels-doe-in-hyperstudy-2017-2/ Thank you in advance.
  6. This is the error messages that I got in Hyperstudy software:
  7. Do you have more information about what is this "System error #12" about?
  8. Hello Diana, Thank you for the message. I do have this option "Ignore failed evaluations" enabled. And still I got the error message. (I think is because the error mesage comes from FluxMotor and not from Hyperstudy). I am using Hyperstudy 2019.1 and FluxMotor 2019.1 professional version. (not student) I also run the simulations with 1 multi execution. 32GB RAM and E5-1650@3,60GHz processor (and all the other softwares off to try to dont get error messages. Hope you can help me with this. Regards,
  9. Hello!, I am doing some simulation in Hyperstudy from a FluxMotor Geometry and sometimes this error message appears (Execution fail), and stops the simulation. So I have to click "OK" and the the execution starts again. I want to keep the PC simulating hypersutdy the whole night or a couple of hours without any stop of the silumation. How can I disable this option / Text message? Thank you in advance
  10. Hello, thank you for the answer. But I am not getting the icon button with FLUX SKEW in my screen of Flux Motor. Should I have to do something special to get it? (the version is FluxMotor 2019.1 that I just installed) Best regards.
  11. Hello, I would like to know how can I export a model from FluxMotor to Flux Skew. I saw it in the "03-Flux12.2_FluxMotor_NewFeatures-Altair-PL-SG-FM" file and I want to know if it is now available. I download the FluxMotor 2019.1 version and the icon not appear. Please let me know when will be available. Thank you in advance.
  12. Hello Abdessamed and thank you for the reply. I just wanted to know if there is a way to export also the winding (made by CreateNonMeshedCoilForRadialMotor.PFM) I have heard that if it is composed by non mesh coils unfortunatelly it is not possible to export it because it's not really a geometric entity. I just want to make sure that probably there is a way to export it. Also, if I can get the lines of the winding and export it in a CAD file , it will work for me. (I just will extrude the shape, but at least I have the route). Or if you have any other idea, I will appreciate to help me to export the winding. Thank you in advance Best Regards
  13. Hello, I want to know if there is a way to export ageometry made in Altair Flux to any CAD files format(.IGES, .CATIA, .STEP, etc) The only file that I can export is a DXF file. Also I want to export the motor geometry with the winding. I made the IPM_Motor_Flux_3D.pdf tutorial and now I want to export the geometry in a CAD file . Thank you in advance. Best Regards.
  14. Hello, I am doing the IPM_Motor_Flux_3D.pdf tutorial from Flux 2019.1, and when I reach page 12 of the "3D Overlay to create the geometry" (after I enter all the values to Create Non Meshed Coil and press OK) I got the following error message: Error message: Failed convert object : class cast error. Desktop updating step failed. I can not skip it because the winding parameters are very important to the study that I am doing. Hope you can help me with this. Thank you in advance Best regards.
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