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  1. Thank you for the reply and for the file that you have sent.For the time being,I can not update the installation to the 2019 one. we can say that the problem of the output h3d that must be generated was in the software version(optistruct) ? Thank you very much for your feedback and your lovely support
  2. I tried with 400 time steps both in optistruct and acusolve it but it didn't work.the same error hads appeared. Can you try it please ? .I upload the acusolve database file .acs and the optistruct .fem one. In fact, I obtained the output of Acusolve through acufieldview but I really need the output of the optistruct. Thanks for your help and your support ailette_DCFSI.acs ailette-with-f.fem ailette_PFSI.inp ailette_PFSI.1.Log ailette-with-f.out
  3. Thank you for the reply Yes of course. Thanks a lot again ailette-with-op.fem ailette_DCFSI.1.Log
  4. hello everyone I have to run a fluid structure interaction example with the method of DCFSI where Acusolve is coupled to Optistruct, I had an error " ABORTING RUN DUE TO UNEXPECTED ERROR CONDITION" as shown in the figure.I made sure that all parameters were correct . Can someone know why I had this error and how to solve it please ? I also upload the out files Thank you in advance ailette-with-op.out cci.txt ailette_DCFSI.inp ailette_DCFSI.ss.inc
  5. hello everyone, I have to run a tutorial about Direct Coupling Fluid structure interaction between Acusolve and optistruct.It is not the Piezoelectric Flow Energy Harvester one but it is a similar to this. I got an error in Acusolve which is "unable to match with the external surface at 22 quadrature points". Do you know what is the reason for this error ? Can Anyone help me please ? thank you in advance !!
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