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  1. Do you have an error or something? Can you share the .out file? This is a shaker, right? Can you describe better your test input and desired output?
  2. Tou don't know the stoffmess of each spring? For different stiffmesses, you need different pbush card for each different spring. I'm sorry, I actually didn't get your question.
  3. It depends on a few factors. Usually it is like gantovnik mentioned, but it also depends on your responses and your min and max thickness in the freesize panel. For example, if you add a volume fraction constraint of 30%, then it will force the first iteration to the corresponding thickness for the given volume.
  4. This is nice for people who need an example. You should share this model here as a reference. It is also very common to add a "stopper" by adding a very large force as the last point, with a very small delta U, so that after this point the spring doesn't extend any further.
  5. Maybe it's connector information or the parts/assembly information.
  6. You should watch this video I recommend you to go through the trainings at Altair University as they cover the basics of HM pretty well.
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