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  1. only mesh will be exported: something like this *feoutputmergeincludefiles 0 *createstringarray 4 "EXPORTIDS_SKIP" "HMBOMCOMMENTS_XML" "HMSUBSYSTEMCOMMENTS_XML" \ "HMMATCOMMENTS_XML" *feoutputwithdata "D:/Program Files/Altair/2020/hwdesktop/templates/feoutput/abaqus/standard.3d" "C:/Users/adriano/Desktop/model.inp" 0 0 2 1 4 *clearmarkall 1
  2. you just need to go under the PSOLID property and adjust the COORM system, to 'USER' and choose a system that corresponds to your orientation.
  3. is it abaqus ;inp file? Just perform the operation manually in HM, and after that open the command.tcl file in the 'documents' folder and you will have the commands for that. sometimes you need to adjust a couple paths or '\'
  4. change user profile first to engineerign slutions>> Aerospace user profile.
  5. RETAINED RESPONSES TABLE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Response Type Response Subcase Grid/ DOF/ Response Objective Viol. User-ID Label /RANDPS Element/ Comp Value Reference/ % /Model MID/PID/ /Reg Constraint +Frqncy Mode No. Bound /Times ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2 WCOMP Wcomp -- -- -- 1.037E+05 MIN 1 MASS Mass -- -- TOTL 2.665E+01 < 2.436E+01 9.4 V ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. from freesize .out, there's a decrease, AS THE CONSTRAINTS ARE OK. Iter 0 Objective Function (Minimize WCOMP) = 2.31275E+05 Iter 12 Objective Function (Minimize WCOMP) = 8.63265E+04 % change = -0.44 For Size, there's an increase AS THE CONSTRAINT HAS 9.4% VIOLATION: Iter 0 Objective Function (Minimize WCOMP) = 1.03702E+05 Maximum Constraint Violation % = 0.93882E+01 Iter 6 Objective Function (Minimize WCOMP) = 3.51606E+05 % change = 0.00 Maximum Constraint Violation % = 0.00000E+00
  7. i know you're trying a script for that, but you should take a look at the "Aerospace" userprofile in HM. User Profiles>>Enginenering Solutions>>Aerospace. There is the Spatial ID Manager, that probably do what oyu need. Spatial Renumbering Elements_Nodes.pdf
  8. do you have the .out file of the model that you see this happening??
  9. please check if your free-size area (design space) is affecting your responses, and if your loadcases are correct. Usually this is related to the design space not affecting at all the responses/objective. Sometimes it is just a loadcase that is not properly assigned or configured.
  10. what is your optimization setup?? Just check if your design constraints are not violated from the beginning. Objective being Minimize means achieving the least possible WHILE RESPECTING CONSTRAINTS. Not necessarily minimize will reduce your objective, if your constraint are not respected in the initial iteration.
  11. 1. Same as analysis 2. Only need material in the ply 3. Plyman, correct.
  12. Just use your Help for OptiStruct and search for 'Responses'. You will find it under the OptiStruct User's guide
  13. you need to request EFFMASS, under PARAM.
  14. Are you sure they are configured in your computer to work as F1 to F12? In any other software, if you press F1 the help is launched? I mean, many times, specially in laptops you have them acting as multimedia shortcuts, and you need to configure them to act as F keys. Did you check that?
  15. Have you tried this one? "C:\Program Files\Altair\2020\hwdesktop\hw\bin\win64\hw.exe" -clientconfig hwfepre.dat -uOptiStruct As you're calling the HWDesktop, it involves both pre and post solutions. So inorder for this to work, you need to specify that you're launching Preprocessing Client (HM).
  16. is your core completely filled? If yes, you could just create a solid mesh in the middle, with your core property. An if you create an hexa mesh, you could just extract 'faces' to create your shell mesh, and assing your laminate to it. As the mesh will be tied by the nodes, no contact will be necessary. It's just an idea.
  17. You can have only one design variable per design space. Draw + Extrusion is not allowed so far in OptiStruct in the same design space.
  18. Did you request /ANIM/VECT/CNTF(not sure if this is the card) If yes, there will be a Vector result in your animation files, then you can plot your force vectors over time.
  19. This info is found in the Help, as attached. DOPTPRM, OPTMETH.pdf Gradient-based Optimization Method.pdf
  20. in newer versions you don't delete them directly. rather you remove these elements/faces from your surface/set.
  21. in this new approach, you need to select the contact surf (set segment) and edit the elements on it, in the browser, and use the 'adjust contact direction' and using the 'reverse' option. Or adjust only a few of them giving a reference shell.
  22. create_sets_by_attached.tcl This is almost what you want. Just need to add the mask command.
  23. you could use 'Field' entity in HM to map your CSV file as a Temperature field in HM. Please take a look at the Help documentation for further help. If it is pure conductive and/or convective heat transfer (no fluid flow), OptiStruct can handle it directly. If you need to take into account also fluid flow and its heat transfer, then you will need to run a TFSI, with AcuSolve and OptiStruct. For both cases there are tutorials at OptiStruct documentation page.
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