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  1. Dear all, Currently, I am investigating a rather large linear induction machine (LIM). I started with a transient 2D model without experiencing any trouble. However, for my research I would like to see the effect of slits in the secondary material, thus, my work proceeds to be in the 3D domain. Due to the size of the LIM, difficulties arise with regard to the computational load, obviously. Now, to ease the burden of the PC, I reduced the full model to a periodic section and applied periodicity to the end faces. Unfortunately, during solving the model encounters an error that states: "Remeshing of mechanical sets is impossible" due to an "Incorrect permutation" when a box of compressed air is used around the moving parts. When the compressed air region is replaced by a moving air the solving procedure experiences an error that says: "The geometry has been modified during the solving process to take into account the mechanical sets. The verification of confused points is not allowed." Could somebody please provide me more information related to this error? As I am unable to resolve this situation. Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Matthijs Kleijer LIMDL3D_Period_Help.FLU.zip
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