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  1. Hello Koushik, thank you for your quick answer. So the material properties like E and G in an isotropic Mat1 card are expressed in Pascal and not Megapascal like you shown me. But how is it in an Mat8 card for an orthotropic material? I put the values in the file I attached to my previous post for my carbon fibre laminate in Megapascals as you can see. Is it right or do I need to change the values too, like for the Rohacell foam core in the Mat1 card? Thank you!
  2. Hello guys, we conducted a 3-point-bending test of a composite sandwich panel in university. We used a 10mm Rohacell foam core and 2 sheets of CFRP (3 layers each). I tried to model it in Hypermesh to compare the results. In the real test, we got a deflection of 6,4 mm by an applied force of 2000N. In my Hypermesh model we got a deflection of 332mm which seems unlikely. Can someone take a closer look at the file and tell me what is wrong? Thank you! 1.hm
  3. Thank you for your quick answer Robert! So I can model the core in Mat8 card as the picture shows? I added some filler properties I modified these two properties, but the results were still the same...
  4. Hello guys, I try to accurately model the honeycomb core C1-3,2-29. I would like to see the different behavior between the use of solid and 2D elements for the core. The problem is that I don't know how to put in the material parameter. Can someone tell me which constant of the material sheet given by the supplier belongs to which unit in Hypermesh? There is no youngs modulus etc. I need it for a Mat1 and Mat8 card. Thank you very much!
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