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  1. Thank you for the Project Hugely Appreciative of your help. Best Regards
  2. Sorry to have another post, but I would appreciate the working Flux Project, regardless of the FeMT project. I think you said you had the model run in Flux with zero errors, thus i would appreciate this project sent to me asap. Appreciate your help with this. Best Regards
  3. No problem. Could you send me the working Flux Project. Best Regards
  4. Hi, I'm just wondering if the simulation was successful and if results where able to achieved from FeMT? and if you could explain how i could get the results from FeMT. Apologies for asking again. Best Regards
  5. Many Thanks, When i try run the model in Flux in a 10 second solving scenario i get this error. I guess this could be another reason why the model won't run in FeMT. What exactly is the error above? Best Regards
  6. Have you been able to understand why my FeMT wont run? or does anyone have any advice on making a model run in FeMT. Best Regards
  7. Many Thanks for your reply. Model attached above has a solid conducting region for the magnets. I was running the models of the desktop and also a C: Drive of 100GB+ free. Look forward to your reply. Best regards
  8. Apologies for the above reply. I have now been able to get the model into FeMT But every time it is failing instantly. I have run the model in FeMT from multiple directories with 1GB + free. The FeMT file is attached AFPM_V3.2.FEMT.zip
  9. I had to change the geometry and re import my model. so created a new project. taking note of the changes you made by adding a 1 to the 3rd coordinate of the laminated regions and adding resistivity to all the materials. also editing the circuit. Many Thanks
  10. Many Thanks for the guidance. I have rectified the issues. but when i check the physics i still get this error. RGCCHC_1 => No coordinate system for region material (1)
  11. Many Thanks This is a different design. In the previous thread i was simply trying to see if i could get a curve out of FeMT with any model, and thus used the example model. This is the project I aim to get a torque curve for and hopefully understand how to reliably run models in FeMT to get torque curves. Best Regards
  12. Hi. Apologies for not fixing the geometry, I thought I saw geometry okay. I have fixed all the issues as stated. But still struggling to get results in FeMT, Attached is the fixed model 1-6th_v2.FLU.zip Best Regards
  13. Attached is the Flux Project File 1-6th.FLU.zip Best Regards
  14. Hi. I am trying to run an axial flux motor in the e-machine extension to achieve a torque curve and efficiency map. I have created a motor and followed the required steps in Flux. All apart from meshing the infinity box as my motor section is parallel to the y-axis and the infinity box is parallel to the x-axis resulting in the motor passing outside the box, shown in the figure below. I have tried to perform a transformation on the Motor to move it onto the x-axis, but cannot remove the original volumes as they overlap and have tried to perform a transformation on the infinity box too, but again can't remove the original lines. Is there a way to mesh the infinity box even with the rotor and stator passing through it? and eventually successfully run it in FeMT. I can send the file as well if that would help. Apologies if this is a simple issue. Many Thanks
  15. Thank you for your response. I have fixed the problem, apologies i could not delete the thread. Many thanks for the guidance. Best Regards
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