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  1. Hello, I am also facing the same issue, have you find the solution for this? If anyone know a soluton for this, please help. Thanks.
  2. Hello, Yes this is optistruct optimization. When i am importing this .prop file with FE overwrite laminate stacking are getting changed when compared with shufl.html file. After i import .prop file and when i checked at each laminate by edit only in the first laminate it says about the stacking but in other two laminate it says unresolved plies. Then i checked into .out file of both .fem and .prop file and there is difference in ID number, now I dont no how to chnage each ID number.
  3. Hello Everyone, As i am doing optimization, after the shuffle optimization I had cross checked my result everything was ok. After the shuffle optimization I have done the basis analysis by deleting all the optimization parameter and the result which I am getting is totally different. I don’t understand why this happening because the result should be same because I didn’t change anything in the model. Could you please let me know what I am doing wrong. Thanks in advance
  4. Since I am using three materials and it is very difficult to cross check each plies. Do you have any solution for this? Also i have cross checked with .prop file and the ply IDs are different. Thanks
  5. Hello, Thanks for your reply, after i am doing shuffle optimization my plies ID and plies name are interchnanging with other plies, since i am using 3 different material and its very difficult to check each plies property because in my model i am having more than hundred plies. Please let me know if you have any idea. Thanks
  6. Hello, Could you please explain me, what is PLYPCT i know the basic definition but how to use or what percentage should i give to my plies? Thank you SFM
  7. Hello, Does it support now the current version of the hypermesh optistruct? Shuffle optimization with large deformation non linear laod case.
  8. Hello Everyone, 1. I have a model on which i am directly trying to do shuffle optimization I have defined all the parameter such as design variable, response, constraint and objective. After I ran the analysis I am getting this error, “*** ERROR # 1899 *** Topology optimization with large displacement nonlinear analysis is not supported. For shape/sizing optimization, use debug,LGDSPOPT,1.” Although I have define LGDSPOPT=1 but still same error. If you have any idea regarding this error please help me out. 2. Is it possible to do composite optimization with nonlinear load case? Best Regards, SFM
  9. Hello, I am getting the same issue i have a model in which the plies are already created so i want to skip the free size optimization and would like to do directly size optimization. I am not sure how to start second step directly. What i have to give in the design variable? I have tried but it says No design material or design variable found. analysis only If you have any idea please help me out.
  10. Hello, As i am trying to do optimization in my case my model is alaredy defined with number plies, i would like to do direct size optimization instead of free size optimization. Is it possible? Becuase i have tried with the composite size option and gave all the required value at the end in output i have chosen SZTOSH and submitted for run, after the analysis i got this message " NO DESIGN MATERIAL OR DESIGN VARIABLES FOUND : ANALYSIS ONLY" and it gives normal analysis output. Could you please halp me out with this. For your refernce i have attach .output file. HyBo_DG-Rahmen_v34_NL_200803_V1.3_CFply_SO.out
  11. Hello Sir, As i have cross checked my model the load case are alright. Because with the same model i am able to run the anlysis by keeping other objective like minmax stress. But at the same time when i kept Minmax composite failure and i am getting this error.
  12. Hi, As i am getting this error could you please have a look on my .out file *** ERROR # 2148 *** Invalid design problem. All the sensitivities of response 4 (objective) are zero. TEST_Gummi-ply_20191023L_200729_mincf.out
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    Thank you so much.
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    Could you please share this pdf again, i can not find this.
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