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  1. Hi, thank you for the links. However, I've already searched the forum and read through those topics. They either mention a custom script not openly available or suggest 3-matic as the only option to export the geometry. Although I did not quite understand the OSSmooth functionality to export a model after a lattice optimization, it seems that it cannot output a lattice geometry. Is that correct? Is there any direct way in HM to export the resulted geometry without resorting to third party applications or writing a custom script?
  2. Hi all, is there a way to export the results from a lattice optimization as a geometry so that it can be printed afterwards? I'm trying to figure out a workflow using various programs. Is it maybe possible to export a geometry via Inspire, since it offers a way to smoothen lattices and export as .stl or other format after finishing an optimization run in Inspire itself? I tried importing the Optistruct results to Inspire just now, but it just displays the 1D elements as lines and does not seem to recognize them as a geometry like I hoped it would. Which other ways are there? I tried exporting the models to Ansys as well, but Spaceclaim only displays lines as well and not as a geometry. Abaqus seems to offer no way to convert the 1D elements to a geometry as well. Is the only way 3-matic or a custom programmed script? What about the Autodesk suite, Creo, any other?
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