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  1. Hi, i am trying to solve crash analysis of a roll cage model but i am getting license error issue. I referred some of the comments in the altair forum where i found maximum nodes should be 100000, but in my geometry no of nodes are 90000. still i am getting that error. Please respond and help me. For your reference iam attaching that screen short.
  2. How to get the dynamic stiffness value from the following acceleration vs frequency plot? Please do the needful.
  3. Replying to the previous comment, after changing the frequency range to 0-1000 Hz the displacement is zero. Please do the needful.
  4. Actually the maximum speed of the motor is 3200rpm i.e., 53.33Hz . If we give the frequency range from 345Hz means it will be exceeding the maximum speed of the motor-pump assembly. I am attaching the frequencies attained from Modal analysis. Please do the needful.
  5. Replying to previous comment, there is no difference by plotting the curve using h3d file.
  6. Thanks for your response sir. I am attaching my deck file, could you please check whether the load collectors are correct or not. mesh25.fem
  7. Hi i am performing Modal Frequency response analysis for motor assembly in optistruct but i am getting zero displacement values when giving unit excitation load. Please do the needful.
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