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  1. Thank you Adriano. I'm trying to run a different model using a set of loadcollector like yours. When I run the simulation, ig gives me that advice. *** ERROR # 4965 *** Maximum number of time increment cutbacks reached, analysis aborted. ANALYSIS COMPLETED. *** SOME ERRORS WERE REPORTED DURING THE RUN, *** PLEASE VERIFY RESULTS AS THEY MAY BE INVALID. *** PROGRAM STOPPED: FATAL ERROR(s) ENCOUNTERED.
  2. I'm using Hypermesh 2019.1 Could you link me the hm model of OS-T_1540 ? I'm following the guide you linked me, but I can't find the Self contact option. It says "For Slave (SSID), select Self contact." Where it could be ? That's what I see
  3. If you need, here is the model 1.hm
  4. That's how i create the contactsurf Here the interfaces panel I need no penetration during a compression test
  5. Thank you. I look for that tutorial, but I didn't find it, then i lok for other tutorial When i run the simulation i get this advice. I created contactsurf with solid faces option. I select the so created contact both for SSID and MSID
  6. Thank you. My problem is related to a penetration during a compression test. Where I can find this tutorial?
  7. Hi all, is there some way to disable interpenetration between elements of a component? Thank you all
  8. Hi, i just tried to use SLIDE in CONTACT panel with configuration 1 and 2 but when i run the simulation both present a compenetration of material. How I can solve this problem? Config. 1 Contact (blu for plate and red for the structure) Config. 2 contact (blu for plate and red for the structure)
  9. Thank you Prasannak, do you mean "SLIDE" in "INTERFACES" panel? And what is the difference between slave and master surface of contact? Is it right "CONTACT" as card image? I have to simulate a frictionless contact. Thank you
  10. Hi all, I have to simulate a compression test of a structure between two rigid plates and i have some questions. Is it worth considering plates and structures as an unique component or a better solution is to create different component, with different properties (high E module for rigid for plates)? Also when the upper plate comes down, at the interface between plate and structure, structure could present a horizontally displacement, caused by deformation. How I cold simulate this type of contact? Thank you all.
  11. Hi all, I'm a novice user, so i have a question. I have to create a 3D mesh, starting from a 2D mesh on surfaces. I started creating the 2D model, then i look at the equivalence and it give me the result of 0 nodes. Then I use the command "element offset", but when i look at the equivalence it seems that all elements are not connected. This is what it shows when I look at the equivalence. Then if i go for equivalence, i look at some black marked linees between linees. Is it a display bug or something is going wrong? How i can fix this problem?
  12. LucaC


    Thank you all. Could you say how to see this nodes not connected?
  13. LucaC


    I just find the equivalence option and the simulation rightly run. Thank you. I also have to simulate a component with 6x6x4 cells like that one i linked above. Could i duplicate mesh and then merge nodes?
  14. LucaC


    How i can do that?
  15. LucaC


    Here is it. Could you give me some advices on my model? trim geometria.hm
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