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  1. Hi, I realize I never replied, but in case anyone has the issue, I made 1-D Rod elements, renumbered the Original and Deformed Meshes so that the nodes are easily identifiable, and exported to .inp file, where I could read the node elements
  2. Thanks for your reply! I'm running version 2017 if that might be the issue.
  3. While reviewing sets in an assembly, I right click on the set to see if it right, then click on other sets in the same command to check them out as well. However, sometimes a blue rectangle with '1' in it comes up, and I cant select the other sets, and the original set remains visible in the graphics window. Even after leaving review and returning, it is still the same.
  4. Thanks for reply. What do you mean by send a sample vector? I cant seem to export the vector, as it doesnt show up in the inp file
  5. I have two meshes, an original and a deformed mesh, and I created vectors to track the displacements of several points-of interest to hopefully make a transformation matrix. These Vectors were made using the same node on the two different meshes as the start and end points. Is there anyway to export these nodes? I know I can export the nodes as coordinates and manually pair them up, but there are too many to do by hand. Is there anyway to export the vectors like elements in .inp file, with the start and end node ids?
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