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  1. Yeah , I know that , but still is there any way to get that element with ID 1 got split into 101 & 102 ?
  2. Hi @tinh , I have a group of elements and I'm remeshing those elements with different element size. Once this operation is done the element ids are changed. Now, I want the IDs of two elements (whose previous ID I have in a list) after remeshing ? Is it possible to get it ?
  3. Is there any API to check and monitor entity ID change after some operation is done which changes the entity ID ?
  4. Actually the element is not quad its tria . Im not working with japanese regulation. Is it possible to remesh without breaking the connectivity?
  5. Is it possible to split that one row into two using automesh option
  6. I have a model with one row mesh elements at some locations . I have a logic to find the one row mesh elements , but is there any approach to split that one row into two ? P.S : I need to automate the split or automesh option using TCL script . Is it possible ?
  7. No I have to do this process for for a lot of curves which may or may not be closed . So , i have to find all the continuous curves and then do this temp nodes creation and regenerate a new line . I dont think this can be automated . Is there any way to do this at one single run ?
  8. no im unable to do that , lines cannot be selected
  9. I have a model with the referrence weld lines . I have to create connectors along the weld lines . But the problem is , many small lines overlap a long line and because of this same line is having many line ids . I somehow need to eliminate the overlapping small lines through script . Is there any way ?
  10. thanks a lot .Also is there a way to access the hm apis through terminal / use hm apis through any programming language using HM_EXTAPI()
  11. So how does it identify the model present in the hm session ? Should i specify the model name or session name along with tcl script while running it from command line.
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