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  1. I havecome accross two versions of the compliance formula C= 0.5*uTf (Used in optistruct) C= uTf (Used in the 99 line matlab code for SIMP) The difference between the two being the 0.5. My questions are: Which is the correct formula to use? What is the significance of the 0.5?
  2. Hi, I am currently doing a topology optimisation on a simple cantilever beam with the objective of minimising compliance and the constraint is the volumefrac. The aim is to compare the compliance values from Hypermesh with the values obtained from MATLAB simulation (99 line SIMP code). My question is: 1) I have obtained results from both MATLAB and Hypermesh. However the the results don't seem to match. The MATLAB values are roughly twice the values obtained from hypermesh. Would anyone be able to explain why this is? 2) In post processing, ISO slider can be used to vary the densities. Why does Hypermesh provide a range (slider) to change the volfrac, when the volfrac was already defined in the constraint? Also why doesn't MATLAB provide a similar range?
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