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  1. Hi! Thanks for answering my query. I wanted to ask for the Moment my units would be Nmm or Nm? Because I figured it would be Nmm since length is in mm but this is giving me an error due to large static compliance. Also when I apply pressure should I calculate according to units in tonnes and mm? or I can directly apply the MPa unit as PA in N/m^2? I am a little confused by the units here.
  2. Hi! Thanks for the detailed response. I have a question concerning mindim element size. How do I check the area of the elements? In Mesh check elements I can see a wide range of min and max lengths Is there an option to see the area of the elements? Moreover, for the volfrac setting 0.2 as the upper limit means 20% volume should be retained or something like that? I am a bit confused about utilizing only 20% volume of the deign space. When I perform with 1 as upper limit I see no difference in my analysis while with 0.1 I see a distinct element thickness analysis.
  3. Hi! I have performed free size optimization and it ran successfully. However I have some questions relating to some of the upper and lower limits and design variables required to enter. After checking the optimization book provided by altair I still do not completely understand in design variable in the parameter option the mindim is what exactly and how to choose it appropriately? As I have chosen different values and it shows different results. Moreover, I chose Volfrac as the optimization constraint and chose upper limit as 0.2 but I am not sure what this represents? As in volume option upper limit showed the volume in mm^3 but volfrac I am not sure what it represents. Another main question I have is that when setting load collectors I can add as many but in Loadstep for load and constraint theres only two options. How can I add two loads and one constraint for my analysis? Please let me know I know this is a long one but your help would be much appreciated. I am attaching my file over here and if you could please take a look to see if my results are appropriate or not? Freesize opt try 1.hm
  4. Hi! When performing size optimization I am getting this error message. I have read on this forum two possible explanations but both aren't correcting my error. Please let me know what to do. OG rotor UofT model 1.hm
  5. Thanks for your reply. For some reason I am not getting the same options as shown in the photo you posted. Please let me know whats the issue. Thanks!
  6. Hi! I am not sure why but when I try to import my geometry from solidworks to optistruct it only shows as a single component geometry while in Ansys it shows as different parts. I want to know how can I have multiple components in optistruct? I am performing size optimization so I need to assign different properties and thickness to different parts of the model. I am attaching my geometry here hoping someone can guide me. Thanks! OG Rotor Proper Meshed 1.hm
  7. 01 OG RotorHi! I am really new to this software and facing a lot of issues. I am currently performing size optimization on my model but it is showing some error. I read online that if I choose PSEHLL as my property it should cancel the error but it's not working. Please help I have attached my model file in this message.
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