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  1. Hello Andrei, Thank you very much for your answer. Actually, I am a newbie in PLC and also Embed. As your suggestion, I have to install an OPC server software and connect it to Embed to record log data through Embed. Is it correct? If you know that what is the suitable OPC server which i can install, please give me a suggestion to proceed with it. Best regards, Tung
  2. Hello all, I want to get output data from PLC Siemen S7-1200. Do you know any option how to get it by using embed? Thank you in advance! Tung
  3. Hello Rahul, Could you please tell me which is the tutorial for belt-pulley simulation in MotionSolve? I am studying the movement of conveyor with an object on it. Thank you very much! Tung
  4. Hello RoKet, I would like to ask you a question. Could you please tell me the way how to import the modelica library to altair activate? Thank you in advance. Tung
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