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  1. Oh, I understand. Thank you so much for the information, I'll look into this new option you mentioned.
  2. Good day, I'm new to Compose and i have some questions, i hope u can help me out. What is the equivalence for syms function (in Matlab) in Altair Compose? And how can I derivate symbolically in this software? I'm testing this software and trying to get used to it, so i'm programming a simple Newton-Raphson method, this is the way i did it with matlab: syms x fx=input('Enter the function: ') dfx=diff(fx); E=1; e=0.0001; i=1; Ai=zeros(3,1); Axr=zeros(3,1); AE=zeros(3,1); xo=input('Initial value: '); while E>e fxp=subs(fx,xo); dfxp=subs(dfx,xo); xr=xo-fxp/dfxp; E=abs((xr-xo)/xr); xo=xr; Ai(i)=i; Axr(i)=xr; AE(i)=E; i=i+1; end Res=[Ai Axr AE] and here it is the way i did it with compose: f=@(x) exp(-x)-x; df=@(x) -exp(-x)-1; E=1; e=0.0001; i=1; Ai=zeros(3,1); Ar=Ai; AE=Ai; %xo=0; xo=input('Initial value: ') while E>e fxp=f(xo); dfxp=df(xo); xr=xo-fxp/dfxp; E=abs((xr-xo)/xr); xo=xr; Ai(i)=i; Ar(i)=xr; AE(i)=E; i=i+1; end Res=[Ai Ar AE] The questions are as stated above, because I want to differentiate any simple function I give as input. btw, sorry for broken english.
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