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  1. Hiu Burner2k and Robert, I have been experiencing something very similar with a solid I am trying to assemble from some surfaces, but I end up with a "red solid". This solid recognizes all the bodies I have separated but it shows them all together into one part and I cannot select them separately anymore. Have you faced something similar? I am leaving a picture to show you. Thanks for the response
  2. Thank you Nguyen-Dai! I have tried the 3 methods but I feel that once you have "touched" the solids too much they somehow "deteriorate" and they no longer allow you to modify them to your liking, which is very frustrating by the way. People of Altair, solids being modified and not complying with the original geometry is complicates the process of meshing complex parts, could anyone work to make this bug disappear? Thanks!
  3. At the time of splitting solids with planes, some edges are "moved" and give place to new surfaces that I do not want to create in the first place. Has anyone faced this problem in the past or knows how to tackle it? Thanks for your help
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