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  1. chinmaya


    Thank you for reply But actually it ranging from 0 to 3 but I wanted it to be from example -1 to 1 like that So can u please help me with this problem.
  2. chinmaya


    I have attached the integrator developed model. But it is giving me same magnitude only when the input magnitude is 1 volt. integrator.vsm
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. But the current sensed is in sine wave and ADC output block gives me discrete pulses, I have implemented your technique but it is still in the form of discrete pulses, but we wanted it in continuous sine waveform.
  4. Actually I am working on V/F control of induction motor using texas instruments high voltage kit. There are inbuilt current and voltage sensors in that kit. So to fetch the current values I have used ADC and Monitor Buffer to write and read to display the readings. But monitor buffer plots the graph with respect to samples. But i wanted it to plot with respect to time. So I am searching the logic which can plot readings of monitor buffer with respect to time. Any suggestions please. Thanks in advance Regards Chinmaya
  5. chinmaya


    Sir, Actually we have designed the integrator block in altair embed software, but we have not getting the correct results with respect to magnitude as compared with input to output. Thanks in advance
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