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  1. Hello, Someone know the difference between this methods? Depends which one is used the results vary a loot. (SimLab2019.3) Thanks
  2. Hi again Alpha, I have the same problem with your model. I didn’t see yesterday but when I make the convergence study some constrains disappear, and I don’t know why (in these case the contact constrains) Have you the same problem? Anyway, the convergence graph appears to me but it is not correct because it loses the restrictions. Before After
  3. Hi Alpha, Thank you so much for your help and your time. Your model goes perfect but, when I generate a new model there is something I do wrong and I don't know what it is, that's why the convergence study does not perform well for me. Attached video with the steps I follow (I have to uploaded in YouTube to be able to pass). If I use your model it refines me without problems but I need to work with other projects and I needed to know how to do it. One difference that I notice is that in my model, when I check the convergence, doesn’t asks me for the geometry and I don’t know why. Thank you very much again, Sergi Valdezate
  4. Hi again, yes of course. I attached the model in the message. Sorry for my late reply. ConvergenceTest_20200406_1224.slb
  5. Hello again, First of all thank you so much for your quick reply. I have been testing the automatic refinement and I’ve had problems when I used it in assembly. When the mesh is refined it loses the constrains. I think that this happens because the program generates a new mesh and the constrains lose the reference (attached images). Can you refine in a constrain? This don’t happen when I do it in a single piece. According to your answer Alpha. I use mesh controls but these apply at the begin of the study. If I want to refine the mesh once the study is finished, will I have to generate the entire study again? When applying re-mesh, I get quality mesh errors as if its quality was not good. Thanks so much again, Sergi Valdezate
  6. Hi, I am new in Altaír Simlab. I am currently doing my final degree work and I’m using Altair SimLab to carry out a linear static study to obtain deformations in a planetary system. My problem comes when I want to refine the mesh. I have seen in different videos that it exists a method to create automatic refining. Could you help me by explaining how to apply this method? Manually refining usually causes me problems when I calculate again. I tried to create a response but when I'm going to check the convergence always appears this message. Thanls a loot, Sergi Valdezate
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