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  1. How do I request for antenna efficiency results at various frequencies?
  2. I have clicked DEFINE in CADFEKO and set MODEL UNIT in millimeter. The thickness of the lossy metal is set to 35e-3. Does that mean 35e-3 millimeters or 35e-3 meter?
  3. The current plot is actually odd - but no error was reported. How do I increase the number of points in the far field request? Thanks.
  4. This too - after the POSTFEKO loaded.
  5. When I run the FEKO Solver, these warnings and notices popped up. Will they affect the results? FEKO Solver Error.pdf
  6. my current distribution is odd as well.
  7. Thanks. Linearly spaced discrete points of solution frequency was set at 21. Limit was 20.
  8. Same problem.feko_launcher.exe TWT Antenna 02.bof TWT Antenna 02.cfm TWT Antenna 02.cfs TWT Antenna 02.cfx TWT Antenna 02.fek TWT Antenna 02.out TWT Antenna 02.pre TWT Antenna 02.str
  9. Blessings.I got this message when accessing FEKO solver: The following message from the master process (MYID= 0): ERROR 33114: Limits of the Feko Student Edition have been exceeded See also message in the output file TWT Antenna v1.out How can I proceed? P.S. I re-check my email and found out that I still need to set the environment variable in system setting. Could this have been the cause of the current warning? Thanks.
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