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  1. Hello to all! I found this error connecting modelica's element of my spring damper system with the multibody element of modelica. Which connector should i use? My aim is to simulate a free fall mass with a spring and a hydraulic damping system. I found this element in th demo file SpringDamperSystem. Thank for the attention. Arnigaber
  2. Hello to all, in my first model i want to simulate a dumper using a cylinder with orifice in the line to the tank. I've tried different configuration but every time appears this type of error and i don't understand what it mean. Is there someone that can help me uderstand this error? What i have to change? Thanks in advance! Arnigaber
  3. Hi L Moretti, I don't know why but now everithing seems to work. I've tried now with some demo model and the simulation is ok. So i think the error is gone . Thank you for the attention. Arnigaber
  4. Hi, I'm using Activate with student license and i had this tipe of error with simulating modelica blocks. I've installed the Visual Studio Community 2019 with C++ and Windows 10 preview SDK and MSVC v142 before this installation i had no possibilities to start a simulation because of the error that modelica needs a c++ compiler. Anyone that can help me? is this a common error? Thanks for the attention. Arnigaber
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