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  1. Hi, Sorry for the late answer, I had lost hope on getting an answers. Thank you very much for you interest, I'll send you the file in private form in a minute. Thank you very much indeed EDIT: Apparently I can't send private messages. I prefer not to post the .stmod file publicly since it contains sensitive data for my organization, where or how can I send it to you privately? Again, thank you very much for your support
  2. Hi, I've been having a similar problem. I'm making a big disclaimer first: I'm kind of a newbie with the software, so don't get what I say as sure. Btw, I kind of worked out that Inspire does that when it thinks it's impossible to match volume reduction and stiffnes/safety factor requests. I'd suggest to try an higer percentage of starting volume (for a stiffness opt.) and see if that works. Hope it can be helpful
  3. Hi everyone, I'm currently larning how to use Inspire to perform topology opimizations but I can't complete one of my first jobs due to the issue explained in the title. I performed an optimization with Stiffness target, min size=0.005m, and then used the Fit tool since the complicated geometry of the result made manually wrapping quite hard. I tried multiple settings for Density and Break Angle, starting from default ones. The nondesign space are hollow cylinders, I tried changing their thickness from 1 to 3 millimeters. I always get an error saying "Unable to complete Boolean operation" and sometimes the program keeps loading and freezes for hours until I can only force kill it from task manager. Only hypothesis for the moment is the fact that non design parts are circular (hard to mesh?) and connect two separate regions the Fit istance is made of. Hope you can help me since this problem is stopping me from using the Software altogether. Thank you very much
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