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  1. Hi, I find a strange thing when I run the Embed. If I didn't use a "2D plot" or "display" block to minitor my variable (here "N"), the model seems not run at all. It told me "Not executed". See Fig1&2 and the vissim file. Could you tell me why this happens? execute or not.vsm
  2. Thank you Sreeram! It's a good method to solve this problem.
  3. Hi Ric, Thanks, your method is very suitable for this condition. May I ask one more queation. When running a sensitivity analysis, sometimes we generate random values from outside instead of using the values with same increments. For example, attached is 100 random values of "a", and I saved in a txt file ("candidate_a.txt") for Embed to read. Based on your method, I tried to use "import" block to assign the variable. I tried to type "$runCount" in the "Start Row" box to make Embed read one value at each run. However, when I close the dialog, "Start Row" box became "1" again (see "Fig1.png"). Do you know if there are some ways to import the candidate values outside into the Embed when using "Auto Restart"? candidate_a.txt
  4. Hi Sreeram, I use Embed to build model with differential equations. When calibrating the model, I can change the parameter's value manually by my specialized background. However, if I need to check the sensitivity of one parameter, I may need to examine the many cases of its value around the calibrated value. See the simplified example in "Example_a_update.vsm". In this example, I would like to do the sensitivity analysis of the model "a*y + y_dot + 5 = 0". Say, I first calibrated it and got the value of "a" with "5.2". Then I want to check the model's response with the value "4.51, 4.52, 4.53, ..., 5.2, 5.21, 6.00,...". Under this circumstance, I need to change the parameter's value hundreds or thousands of times. So I was wondering if there are some ways to automatically read parameter values and run the model. Example_a_update.vsm
  5. Thanks for the introduction of "Case" block. It's useful for this example. But I was wondering if there are many candidate values, say 500 values for a sensitivity analysis, it will be hard to add 500 connectors to the "Case" block.
  6. When estimating a "best" model, parameters need to be changed many times. Is there a simple way for users to make this process automatic in Embed? For example, I would like to find the best parameter value of "a" in the model "a*2 = 5" (see "Example_a.vsm"). Then I can input a list of 10 possible values of "a" with "2.1, 2.2, 2.3, ..., 3.0". But every time, I have to connect and disconnect the arrow of "a" in Embed, and click "Go" icon for ten times. This process will be unaccepatable if there are many parameter vlaues to test. Are there some ways to make it automatic? That is, the Embed reads the candidate parameter vectors, and use each of them every time for the repeated simulations? Example_a.vsm
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