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  1. Did you manage to take a look at my model? Thanks for the help. Alex
  2. I do a 3D plot of the flux density - vector, through the 2D grid, then copy the values into an excel sheet and average. Is there a better way to get the Flux Density? Thanks Alex
  3. Sure, Please find attached my file using 5Hz. Thanks for looking. Alex solid_test.FLU.zip
  4. Hi, I've been trying to use the same model to obtain a 1T field at varying frequencies using a steady state ac model. I have iterated the current through a coil until the magnetic flux density averages 1T through the parts cross section, then changed the frequency and repeated. I'm getting an anomaly that at low frequency, it requires more current to obtain the same magnetic flux. See results below: Frequency Current Mag Flux (T) 5 5.5 0.98 50 4.8 1.02 100 5 1.03 200 5.5 1.00 400 6.5 1.01 1000 9.3 0.99 I can't think of anything that could cause this anomoly at 5Hz. Is there something in the software that I don't understand? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi, I'm trying to make a model to reflect a real life test rig, which is in essence an epstein frame. I've added non meshed coils for the primary (drive) windings and the secondary (search) windings. For the secondary winding I have modelled a stranded coil conductor with imposed current of 0A, like I saw in one of the tutorials. However this is not giving any response when I run my simulation. Why not? I am also using 2 symmetry planes. Can anyone confirm if non meshed coils are also included in the symmetry? Is there any easier way to measure average flux density in my core material? I am trying to obtain a Flux Density of 1T at varying frequencies, at the moment I can only obtain this by trial and error, manipulating the current for each frequency value. The person who supports me with this is not contactable due to corona so I have no one else to work with who knows the software. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Alex Solid_support.FLU.zip
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