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  1. Hi Prasanna, Thank you for your reply. Could you please guide me on how to merge the optimized component with base component? Assuming the thickness of the base component will only be added to the optimised component on void regions with no material. Thank you.
  2. Hello, I am new to HyperWorks and I am conducting topology optimisation. I am happy with my results and I am trying to get them as CAD. The result has 2 thicknesses, the base thickness I assigned and the maximum thickness, there are no void elements. I am using OSSmooth and when I get the STEP file, it is only exporting the regions with maximum thickness and not the base thickness. How would I export the component with both thicknesses? I hope what I am asking makes sense. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hello, I am a student who is new to HyperWorks. I have been doing topology optimisation on a component and have got to a stage where I need to export the result as a CAD. My component was modelled as a shell element as it is very thin (1.27mm) and large in size. I have tried to use OSSmooth, however the resulting STEP file is not the optimised design. I have also tried Tools>>Export>> ISO SURFACE, but same outcome. Also I would like to export the design of not the final iteration but one in between. Could someone please suggest how I could get the result as a CAD file or suggest what I may be doing wrong? Thank you in advance.
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