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  1. hello, I have built a 2D model for the cross section of a guitar pickup. It consists of a static magnet and coil, and a moving string above. In the static application everything works fine- I'm able to solve and get different flux values for the different positions of the string (though the data seems a bit weird). When I tried using the same model, but in transient app. I recive the following error: "Unable to mesh the face 2 Please could you check the geometry and the meshing of lines of face Remeshing of Mecha. Sets impossible on current time step . . . Remeshing of Mecha. Sets impossible on previous time step" face 2 is the air surrounding the pickup. I'll mention that I need the movement of the string to be harmonic, which is why in the mechanical set I've defined the "move" set position by time. Any help solving this will be really apreciated. added is the project. Thank you transient.FLU.zip
  2. Hello, I need to model a guitar pickup- meaning a magnet, wrapped ~7000 turns, with the coil overlapping itself, and a moving string above that creates a change in the magnetic field. I need to extract the current developed in the coil due to the movement of the string. I have seen the examples Flux provides, but I couldn't find exactly what I nedded. I Managed to model the magnetic flux through the entire coil, and I saw an actuator example where you can define the current and induce movement (pretty much the opposite dierction of what I need). I was wondering how can I measure the current induced by the movement of the string. What apllication (magnetic/electric) should I use, how should I model the coil etc. Thank you in advance, Nadav
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