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  1. Today when I changed from hypermesh to hyperview I got an error message as my graphics card is unsupported.But in the graphics region of hyperview the axis directions have appeared also.Is that because nvidia geforce mx 250 is not enough for hypermesh to work?Will any previous version of hyperworks (like 17)work fine in this graphics card and also student edition of these previous version are available or not?
  2. Are you sure?Any way to confirm it??Do I have to replace the graphic card?
  3. I've reinstalled the software on ssd. But the problem is not solved.
  4. Thanks for your reply. I have 8 GB ram, i5 processor, nvidia geforce mx 250 graphics card.Is't not enough? There is another issue, now I have installed the software on normal hardisk, will it be solved if I reinstall on ssd? If so, can i reinstall the software with the same license?
  5. I installed the student version in my laptop,but I am facing a problem.I am new to the software,so please help me since I don't know the reason for this error.The graphics area is not showing anything,even the axis directions(in colour),only x,y,z is written.I tried uploading a model downloaded from the altair website for the student version but it also didn't work.When I uploaded the model,the file path was shown on the right top corner but nothing else.I am adding screenshots along, to have a better understanding of the problem.Kindly help me solve this issue as soon as possible
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