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  1. Tinh, I have trying to get TclPro installed but the link isn't working anymore. Do you knwo weh i can download it and do you have an example of how to compile a script. Thank you for any help
  2. Tinh, Can you help me to separate this string This is metadata from cad Import {lines 929 .ALTAIR.HW.STEP.ColorId int 1} {lines 929 {.ALTAIR.HW.STEP.Curve Font} string CENTERLINE} {lines 929 {.ALTAIR.HW.STEP.Original Name} string {Z Vector - M8_xx8585/xx8584}} {lines 929 .ALTAIR.HW.STEP.Name string {Z Vector - M8_xx8585_xx8584}} {lines 929 .ALTAIR.HW.STEP.OriginalId int 44087} {lines 929 .ALTAIR.HW.STEP.TAG string {Z Vector - M8_xx8585/xx8584}} {lines 929 .ALTAIR.HW.STEP.ShowPublishedAndLineType int 1536} {lines 929 .ALTAIR.HW.STEP.Color:Blue double 1.0} {lines 929 .ALTAIR.HW.STEP.Color:Green double 1.0} {lines 929 .ALTAIR.HW.STEP.Color:Red double 1.0} {lines 929 .ALTAIR.HW.STEP.Thickness double 0.129999995232} Lines 929 (929) is a line number which will change and I need to get the {Z Vector - M8_xx8585/xx8584} and obtain M8, xx8585 and xx8584 into a separate parameters Thank you
  3. Correct, works with hw.exe but exits before any inputs can be added
  4. Tinh, Do you have example of toplevel textbox that can output status? Thank you
  5. Hello, I have a strip that I'm trying to run in Batch mode. Script has a pop-up window with couple User inputs. When I run it with hmbatch.exe Window doesn't come up. When I run it with hw.exe Window does come up with User inputs but closes with in seconds. Am I missing something in a script? Thank you
  6. Tinh, Do you have a recommendation how to create a large quantity of bolts with a tcl script? My input will be a points and which components they are attaching in the name of the component that point it. Thank you
  7. Hello, Questions on creating of connectors. When I c create a connector it creates all new components, props, mats, sets, groups (LS-dyna) every time. Is there a way to code in so connector will get be created into active component? eval *createmark components 2 $assemnamelist *createstringarray 37 "link_elems_geom=elems" "link_rule=now" "link_rule=now" \ "relink_rule=none" "tol_flag=1" "tol=10.000000" "line_spacing=30.000000" \ "line_density=0" "line_offset_flag=0" "line_offset=0.000000" "retain_line=1" \ "ce_normal_link=0" "ce_nonnormal=0" "ce_fedepth=1.000000" "ce_fewidth=1.000000" \ "ce_systems=0" "num_node_flag=0" "num_node=3" "ce_fe_vector=0" "ce_coarse_mesh=3" \ "ce_connectivity=0" "ce_dir_assign=0" "ce_prop_opt=0" "ce_fe_density=1" "ce_fe_thck_flag=3" \ "ce_fe_acm_numhexa=1" "ce_fe_proj_hexa_face=0" "ce_fe_hexa_ensure_projection=0" \ "ce_diameter=5.000000" "ce_quad_size=0.000000" "ce_centered_quad=0" "ce_cwelds=0" \ "ce_extralinknum=0" "ce_hexaoffsetcheck=1" "ce_bl_connection_ang=10.000000" \ "ce_lt_connection_ang=60.000000" "ce_elem_opt=0" *CE_ConnectorCreateByMarkAndRealizeWithDetails lines 1 "spot" $num_of_layers components 2 "lsdyna" 1001 102 10 1 37 Thank you
  8. its seems like its doesn't like Space in the "WLD LNS" so naming of the component will need to change or is there a way around it? Thank you
  9. when I execute line set lst_weldcomps [lsearch -all -inline -glob $lst_compNames *WLD LNS*] I get this error : must be -all, -ascii, -decreasing, -dictionary, -exact, -glob, -increasing, -index, -inline, -integer, -nocase, -not, -real, -regexp, -sorted, -start, or -subindices Thank you for your help
  10. Question on creating a list based on the names. I'm trying to create a list (lst_weldcompData) for the components that I have in a model which contain WLD LNS with following *createmark comps 1 "contains value" name WLD LNS* 1 set lst_weldcompData [hm_getmark comps 1] I'm not getting anything from it for the second list I will select all components which contain SHELL elements proc Isolate2D {{opt all}} { *displaynone *createmark elems 1 $opt *createmark elems 2 "by config" tria3 quad4 *markintersection elems 1 elems 2 if {[hm_marklength elems 1]} {*findmark elems 1 0 1 elems 0 2} *clearmark elems 1 *clearmark elems 2 } Isolate2D *createmark comps 1 "displayed" set lst_components [hm_getmarkvalue comps 1 name 1]; Thank you for all your help
  11. Hello, Can some one help me with dissecting component names. I have a multiple assemblies one has components other has weld lines. Weld lines have base components name in it. Example of a weld line component name 2 layer line LA7273333/2-012234 WLD LNS (X02704/X03430) 3 layer line LA72733425/2-010104 WLD LNS (X513A12/X02704/X03430) Example of components names AA6383837/5-XXXX-X02704-A (PLR FRT uPPER RR FRONT) AA671617033/5-XXXX-X03430-A (SHLD HDR REINF) LAA6716635/4-XXXX-X513A12-A (RL RF SD FRT LHS) I would like to look inside the weld line assembly pull out a name of the weld line sort 2 layer of 3 layer based on name inside the ( ), use the naming inside ( ) from a line name, find the components and create a connector. Thank you for any help
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