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  1. Do you know a source by chance, that explains why the analysis of different material models does not differ in a linear-static problem? I also couldn't find information about the contact problem in context linear analysis.
  2. I don't think I understand what you mean. I chose linear static load steps, because there are no dynamic forces in my model. Does the implementation of contacts mean my problem is automatically non linear? I only used those contacts to define the behaviour between different parts in my model. Or is there a different reason for your observation that my problem is non linear? Thank you very much
  3. Thanks for the reply! As i went deeper in the analysis and compared the distribution of the stress between steel and aluminum i saw that they are nearly identical. The elements which show different maximum stress are only a few and they are located in areas where contacts are defined. May be this has an influence on the problem? I attached my fem model, it is a little bit larger. Thank you very much for your help! opt-iteration4-mit_sonderfall-steel.fem
  4. Hello, I compared maximum stress of my model in a linear static analysis with different materials. I went from steel to 7075 aluminum (lower youngs modulus and higher cross contraction number). The rest of my model including the load cases stayed the same and i expected the stress to be higher in the case of aluminum because of its lower youngs modulus. But the exact opposite was the case. How can this be explained? I did some research and found this quote in a PDF from altair (https://www.altairuniversity.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/postproc.pdf) : "Changing the material will not require rerunning the analysis for stress (in case of linear static analysis) and a decision could be taken just by comparing the maximum stress value with the yield / ultimate strength of the material" So i get different stresses in a linear static analysis with different materials, but this quote says an analysis rerun is not required. I am confused. I highly appreciate if anyone has an explanation for this. Thank you very much, Johannes
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