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  1. Hi Alejandro, Is there a possibility to generate a "new feature request" over this topic? It would be very very helpful to have the possibility to insert the material loss model based on on manufacturer provided (or easily user fitted) Steinmetz Coefficients. Particularly for the design of ferrite magnetics, iron powder magnetics and amorphous materials and other components for DC/DC , wireless power transfer etc.
  2. Hi Nguyen. To begin with, your answer is not specific to HyperWorks or Flux. The choice between corre number and cpu frequency is a very well know gpu/cpu design trade-off. Precisely which to prioritize is my question... besides , you have not confirmed nor denied if FLUX Used GPU acceleration, which would be the starting point before entering the GPU selection game.
  3. Hi , I want to get a Workstation to run FLUX simulations. Some other FEM providers recommend proven and/or stable configurations, Or indicate which parameter improves the software performance. But i could not find such infirmation for FLUX. On the user manual, the MUMPS multi-thread, multi-core computing is described as " out-of-core" technique. Therefore , I believe that hard-drive speed and system memory is a priority. However, I don't know if Graphics Card acceleration is used by FLUX. Can you confirm those points ? Also, is it better to choose a high-thread-number CPU but lower single-core performance , or better single-core performace and lower threads ? Kind regards, Iñigo
  4. Good morning, I want to adquire a Workstation suitable for FLUX solvers and workflow. I could not find a Hardware recommendation as other vendors do. Therefore, here are my questions: Do you have some tested estable hardware combinations/recommendations ? Do you have performance comparisons for different CPUs ? Does FLUX use more in-core processing and RAM operations or it also uses GPU graphics accelleration? How many threads can FLUX use and is it prefered to have high-performance in multi.thread or in single-thread performance? Kind regards and thanks in advance.
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