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  1. Thanks you for the tips. I will try to refine the mesh and I will use a FREEZE contact. I would like to simulate Hertz contact about to a gear transmission for this reason one cylinder is much larger than the other. Yes, of course. In general the fem's stress are bigger than Hertzian theory. cylinders_contact.fem
  2. Hi, I would simulate a hertian contact about two cylinders. I tried to create a smulation but I had some problem about the results and convergence. In particular I have problems about the contact type (SLIDE, STICK and FREEZE) and track. I attach the simulation that I created. Thanks for the advice you will give me. cylinders_contact.hm cylinders_contact.mvw
  3. Thank you for your answers! Very well, I can apply a torque on the pinion from SPCD I know that solving the contact problem is find the stress; but the question is: Why are there stresses in the system? There is no friction on the gears, there are no resistance loads. The system is free to move. Only potential resistences to slide is the inertial forces, but in my view the stresses result are too high.
  4. Hi, I am a beginner about non linear simulation, I want simulate a contact about a gear transmission. In Altair tutorials I found this example:"OS-1520: Finite Sliding of Rack and Pinion Gear Model" that could help me. In the simulation, the motion is create by "enf_rotation" from a displacement of 5 radians. The load step hasn't Load declared and the rack is free to move on x. Now I have three questions: -What differece is between SPC and SPCD? If I used SPCD for "enf_rotation" would I get a different result? -Why there are contact stress in results? (There aren't forces or torque, the rack is free to slide) -If I want evalue the contact stress about a gear trasmition with a motion torque on pinion and a resistence torque on gear wheel, is this hypermesh's tutorial a good way? Altairguide-pignongear.pdf
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