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  1. Hi everybody ! I try to simulate a uniform compressive test with Radioss. I have already do this with law 70 and I succced. But When I use law 33 ( visco_plas) I can't simulate the "densification region " : the difference between green et blue curves. Between law 70 et law 33 I keep the same model and I just change properties and material of foam. Thanks in advance for your help. I copy my material law 33 and properties associated. NB: I have blocked with a rigid body and boundary conditions the face without part in contact. The blue part is the impactor , which applies a constant velocity normaly to the face.
  2. Hi ! I try to simulate a foam compression at a constant speed of 1 m/s. Before I have realised the same compression experimentally. In order to compare simulation and experimental. I block every movement on bottom of foam and I imposed a constant velocity to impactor. To go to approximatively 50% of strain there is no problem, simulation and experimental are the same. But after Simulation disgress from experiemental. I use brick elements of 1x0.5x0.5cm. Anyone have an idea to solve this problem model16_0000.rad model16_0001.rad
  3. Hi ! To mesh a crashbox component i have use 3D>solid map>one volume in the Panel area with source shells = quads But I want to change the size oh mesh and I don't find how do this ... Anyone can help me please ? Sébastien
  4. Hi ! I have a problem when I try to vizualise Radioss results on HyperView. My model is a foam box under a compressive uni-axial test. During Radioss execution I have no error and warning but when I try to vizualise stress or forces into foam box , I see Stress or forces are egual to zero .... However, deplacement results are not equal to zero and seems correct I attach my model and h3d file Thanks in advance for your help ! modele_eric_modifv5.hm modele_eric_modifv8.h3d
  5. Hi ! Someone know a way to estimate the time to finish simulation at the begining or the time left before the end of simulation ? Because I try to simulate my model , a simple model, but after 3hours the simulation is not yet finish... May be exist ways to estimate if this or this parameter increase my simualtion time Thanks for your help ! My model if a personne know evidences in my parameters.... modele_eric_modifv3.hm
  6. Hello ! I have a problem when i start my simulation from hypermesh Radioss interface ( student edition 2019 ). My simulation tries to simulate a quasi-static compressive test on polyurethane foam. When I run Radioss, the first error ID 51 appears : .. BLOCK FREE FORMAT ERROR ID : 51 ** ERROR IN INPUT OPTIONS DESCRIPTION : UNRECOGNIZED OPTION IN LINE : /ALTDOCTAG Then, during running I have a lot of error ID 54 : ** ERROR IN INPUT FORMAT DESCRIPTION : IN BLOCK : /ALTDOCTAG ERROR ID : 54 For me it's a problem of the version of hyperworks used because at the beginning I have imported geometry and mesh from a file which I don't know the software version. But I'm not very sure. Unsupported cards gives me this : ## File: C:/Users/Sebas/Documents/stage_mousse/modele_eric_modifv2_0000.rad, Line: 4228 -- The Keyword listed below is currently unsupported # func_ID1 func_ID2 func_ID3 func_ID4 func_ID5 # Fscale_1 Fscale_2 Fscale_3 Fscale_4 Fscale_5 # Eps_dot_1 Eps_dot_2 Eps_dot_3 Eps_dot_4 Eps_dot_5 ## File: C:/Users/Sebas/Documents/stage_mousse/modele_eric_modifv2_0000.rad, Line: 4237 -- The Keyword listed below is currently unsupported #---1----|----2----|----3----|----4----|----5----|----6----|----7----|----8----|----9----|---10----| #- 5. UNSUPPORTED CARD: #---1----|----2----|----3----|----4----|----5----|----6----|----7----|----8----|----9----|---10----| /ALTDOCTAG U[ljU5^P3QoPMS080`2MHCDdFjM9g]mp2Jb2@hkHQ6Y6Q8B6eFmSE1]dqAGeRNVKfZ@89h;SYm]Vdf:1J`fQYNn789K5j\DEIMJF THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR HELP ! modele_eric_modifv2_0000.out modele_eric_modifv2_0000.rad modele_eric_modifv2_0001.rad modele_eric_modifv2.hm
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