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  1. The model is in mm , so E and G are expressed in MPa instead the density in tonn. The force is in N . To verify the integrity of the model I performed a modal analysis and the first 3 frequencies the modes are those typical of an cantilever beam.
  2. This is the link for the file https://www.dropbox.com/s/jyui40asdiajkjm/remeshtot.hm?dl=0 ( too big for upload in the forum). I cannot evaluate displacements theoretically but I know the range within which I must be less than one meter. In my analyzes I obtain displacements along z (axis perpendicular to the length of the blade) greater than 6 meters, Thank you tinh
  3. hi I have a problem with my model. I am applying forces to a helicopter blade but I get a displacement of about 8 meters when I should have values below one meter. The forces that I enter are the gravity (grav card), the centrifugal force (rforce card) and the thrust along z equal to 7786N. If I run the analysis without the thrust I have displacements of the order of millimeters while when I put the thrust I have absurd displacements. I tried to insert it in different ways both in point and distributed load. Someone can help me?
  4. Hi thank you for the interest, I made the mesh again because I had connectivity errors, the problem is that I get too high displacements. I am considering the centrifugal force through the Rforce card and then I would have a lift force along Z. If I run the analysis with only the Rforce load I get a displacement of 44 mm while as soon as I also insert the lift I get a displacement of 8 meters. Where am I wrong?
  5. Hi, i have the same problem with different component . Can you help me?
  6. Hi, I have a problem with my model . This is my first analysis with optistruct. By displaying the results of the analysis I get an off-scale shift, also I don't get the results in Von Mises. In the skin it gives me a value of zero while in the solid it gives me no value. What are the problems? I have attached a model and some images. The constraint is an interlocking while the forces are: gravity, centrifugal force, drag and lift. pala_completa.hm
  7. I should apply lift to my blade so I thought of applying it on the surface as a pressure. In this case I should consider a parabolic trend along the wingspan and then use the equation command to give the trend. I know the total force and the area on here to apply it so I can get the total pressure. How can I spread it over this area with a parabolic trend?
  8. Hi, I should create parabolic pressure, how should I set up the equation? the trend must be increasing along the y axis. Thank you
  9. Hi, I have to create a centrifugal force. I am using the Rforce card image but I don't understand how to set the rotation direction. I have attached how I set the parameters. I have a rotation of 384 rpm = 6.94 rps and I want the rotation to be counterclockwise around the z axis. thank you
  10. Thank you PrasannaK for the link, I have already tried to follow the guides but with poor results. I am looking for someone who maybe can give me direct help on the file.
  11. Hi, I finished characterizing my model, and now I should insert forces and constraints but being my first analysis I have difficulties could someone help me step by step? The model is a helicopter blade, i should enter the rotation, a distributed force, a moment and the force of gravity. Than you.
  12. i have the this problem *** ERROR # 1728 *** in the input data: Incorrect SET definition. someone can help me? fem.hm
  13. I have a problem with tetramesh. I received the follow error: Vol0:shell element region incomplete. 1 Surface failed and saived . Someone can help me ?
  14. I just have the property in PCOMPP
  15. I have this problem *** ERROR # 622 *** PLY 4 does not contain any valid plate elements referencing a PCOMPP card. I use hypermesh for the first time for my thesis. Is anyone available to help me? thank Mirko.
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