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  1. Hello, When I installed the 2019 version of WinProp I was having simulation errors. I submitted my request to download the new version at Altair. However they sent me the 2019 version of Winprop again. So I downloaded 'Feko + WinProp-2020' from Altair connect. However I dont have the license file for this new version. How am I supposed to proceed? I am unable to use the new winprop 2020 version. Please help
  2. I am facing the very same problem. I have requested to re-install the new version of WinProp as suggested and am waiting for an input from Altair. Since I already have a pre existing students license for 2019 will there be any problem reinstalling the V2020? Will I have to get a new license?
  3. Awesome this works..thanks so much
  4. I am unable to access the option to set site on Proman. Infact all the options on Proman are disabled? how do I fix this issue?
  5. @mvogel I appreciate your help. I am unable to access Altair Connect. Could you please send me the tutorials at your earliest convenience? Thank you once again for the much guided help in this regard.
  6. Hello, I have currently prepared my indoor floorplan on wallman. I am now looking to estimate the system required to cover this floorplan for 60Ghz. I need to apply the path loss model and figure the position of the antenna for the best tolerable interference against adjacent cells. Can someone please guide me on how to get started with this? Am I supposed to first create the antenna radiation pattern on Aman? How do I know what values needs to be assumed for the .aha and .ava files for Aman for 60Ghz? Can someone please help me with the next step?
  7. Hello, I have completed creating an indoor floorplan on WallMan by choosing different materials like concrete, glass, wood etc. However, I am not sure if all the required materials are included. All the materials are represented with a grey color. Is there anyway I can know if all the materials I selected is still present? If so how can I validate it? Attaching my .idb file herewith. my_indoor2.idb
  8. Hello, I tried using the 'Create roof' and 'Add polygonal objects with orthogonal walls and a ceiling' on WallMan to create a roof. For some reason I am not understanding how to do so correctly. Can someone please help me? Have attached my .idb file herewith. my_indoor2.idb
  9. I am looking to add a table on wallman. is it possible? if so how?
  10. Hello @mvogel. Thank you for the file. I have managed to create the floorplan and have attached the same for your reference below. However the length and width of the walls and such are all and approximation. Is there any better way to get the accurate measurement for them? In general is there any more i can do to make the floorplan better? Indoor_floorplan.idb
  11. @mvogel. How exactly does the mcb file works? Does winprop only support the listed material and thickness that u have provided on the mcb file?
  12. @mvogel . Thank you so much for your help. The file is definitely filled with a good amount of information and should help me better understand WallMan. thanks again.
  13. Thank you for your reply @mvogel. I tried following your steps but I don't really know how to proceed further. Is there perhaps any material I could look up to successfully create this floorplan on WallMan? Could you please guide me on how I can actually create the floorplan of the following attached file on WallMan? I have attached the floorplan with this message. I would also like to bring to your notice that I am using a students license and I read on the Altair website that students license doesn't support geometry import and export filters. Also, Proman gives the following error attached as shown. How can I resolve this? WinProp_FloorPlan2020.pptx
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