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  1. Hello! Thank you very much, now it worked fine! Could it be, that there is a similar issue with the other Tutorials? (like 2.4 Exercise - Applying Entity Attributes, Masking and Creating Groups with the .rad files?) Thank you very much in advance and best regards, Stefan
  2. Hello, I am using the 2019 Hyperworks Student Edition and I am trying to do the corresponding tutorials for Hyperview (e.g.: 3.8: Exercises - Strength Analysis). When I am loading the files (3a-bullet.op2) there is always the same failure "Invalid H3D file format....". For more details to the failure see the text below. Does anybody know what I am possibly doing wrong? Thanks in advance and best regards, Stefan Error message: "HyperWorks" "INFO" "14:08:20" "Error: missing reader or invalid 'path' attribute for resource (Resource_1): "C:\Users\Stefan\Desktop\Hyperview\3a-bullet\bullet.op2"" "INFO" "14:08:20" "Error: can't compile analysis object (resource : Resource_1)." "INFO" "14:08:20" "Warning: failed to verify file (C:\Users\Stefan\Desktop\Hyperview\3a-bullet\bullet.op2) using reader "Hyper3D Reader"." "INFO" "14:08:20" "Hyper3D Reader:CreateResult - Invalid H3D file format......." "ERROR" "14:08:20" "Hyper3D Reader:LoadModel - Invalid H3D file format......." "ERROR" "14:08:20" "Error: failed to read model from 'model' resource." "Application" "INFO" "14:08:21" "Error creating result math analysis [General]"
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