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  1. Hi, I'm new on Altair software. I meshed a component and ran an optistruct analysis. Everything seemed fine, analysis was completed successfully but there was no result button on the bottom of the window. I had to manually open HyperView in order to view the file h3d that it had been created. Thanks for your time, my colleagues have that button and i don't understand why.
  2. TheLuke

    No Hyperview

    I have the same problem. I go onto analysis, then optistruct. The analysis goes fine, no errors (I think) and says ANALYSIS COMPLETED. I have no results button though. I can open them on hyperview but I have to do it manually. Any ideas?
  3. Dear all, I'm new to altair, I tried to run an analysis with optistruct and the results are fine but I had to manually open the .h3d file myself. I have no results button whatsoever but my collegues do. Not sure why. Does anyone have any idea? It would be great!
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