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  1. Hello. I deleted all the faces and volumes and built them again. The simulation worked.
  2. Hello, I want to run simulations on a transformer on Flux3D. When I don't draw the skin depth, everything is fine. However, when I add the skin depth and run simulations, I got this message: I have already checked the geometry, the meshing, the circuit and the physics before running simulation and I didn't get an error. But when I run the simulation and this error appears, it appears also when I check again the physics. Does anyone know what the problem is ? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi, Thanks for answering me. I had already put the resistivity. I have coil conductor region for both windings and I have added solid conductor coils (short-circuit conductor) for the magnetic cores. However, the eddy current are higher than expected , especially in the rotor core (the magnitude is doubled) and the phase doesn't match with my results from the software FEMM. I think I have to change the mesh. So far, I have only used the automatic mesh. But how do we indicate to the software, that we want triangles whose size equals to δ /5 in order to mesh the face and the lines of the magnectic cores. [δ = skin depth] I have read that with FluxD, it's better to use rectangular meshes when there is skin effect and there is a mapped mesh already created but i don't know if it intervenes in the process. Best regards.
  4. Hello, I designed a 1-phase transformer on Flux2D and did an open circuirt test. However, I don't have exactly the expected results for the current (magnitude and phase) in the stator winding, which I explain by the fact that there is no eddy current in the iron magnetic core. Yet, I indicated the conductivity and the complex relative permeability for the iron. I gave the frequency at the beginning. I checked the example available on Flux3D with a 3-phase transformer, but there is no current in the magnetic core. So, my question is how to get the eddy current in the magnetic core in the post-processing. I already tried to put a stranded concuctor coil in the stator core and in the rotor core with a precised current (obtained with the software FEMM),it improved a bit my results but i am not satisfied with it. I also tried to put a resistor in the core but it didn't improve my results. Thank you in advance.
  5. Hello, I made the geometry for a single-phase transformer on Flux2D. I know the values of the current and the voltage that I am supposed to have in the stator and the rotor during an open circuit test, and also the phase difference and the transformation ratio. And I would like to see if I get the same results with the software. The stator is on the left of the picture. On the right, there is the rotor with an infinite resistance. Since I know the transformation ratio, I know the value and the phase of the voltage to put in the software. But I don't know if it's the way to do on Flux2D. When you create the circuit, where do you indicate the mutual inductance between the rotor and stator ? Thank you in advance!
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