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  1. My co-supervisor told me that , as long as you came across this software where you can model a follower force on our robot , then stick to it but the problem is in my univ no one has used hypermesh and none of the teachers heard about it , thus it is of a great interest . I will mention you in one of my chapters Mr adriano . thank you so much for your valuable help
  2. Hello Mr adriano , How did you create the four nodes on each circle !!!
  3. Hello Mr adriano , How did you create the four nodes on each circle !!!
  4. where can I find 'plot ' !!
  5. Yep the model is properly working , How to query !!!
  6. Dear , Mr adriano , you really walked me through a great method to simulate a follower force , and it will be the fifth chapter in my thesis ( you will be mentioned there) , So , is there a way in hypermesh to calculate the ( x1 x2 x3 ...xn) when applying the force , see the picture bellow
  7. for a force ( 2N) , it is peroperly done.
  8. Great , it is done , for a week force , the beam behaves as it is supposed . thank you so much adriano.you made my day .
  9. and here you are the file forcefllwr.mvw
  10. Great , no error but the animation of beam seems like it changes its shape when bending!!!
  11. would you please have a look at my file , i have an error (fatal error) followerforce.hm
  12. Mr adriano , you can not imagine me how I am thankful. hypermesh is a great software and you are a great supervisor .
  13. the last question Mr adriano , how can I make this beam full and delete that node which stands alone !!! it is very important to have your answer , it is the last step before I apply the follower force. I am very thankful Mr adriano.
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