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  1. Hi Everyone, I am writing a script to export all the data from a simulation into text files. I however encounter a problem when I try to export stresses, strains and state variables: expected integer but got "". The script is based on the one from here. What am I missing? Thanks, cedev b-full_185_elast_curing.h3d ExportDisp_mod.tcl
  2. Hi everyone, I am trying to run a weakly-coupled solution (thermal and structural) with a custom MATUSR subroutine. If I define the properties using MAT1 and MAT4, it works perfectly fine (see the attached model brick_coupled_builtin.fem). If I define the properties using MATUSR and MAT4, I receive the following error: *** ERROR # 70 *** Thermal loads exist, and all material thermal expansion coefficients are zero. I did not see anywhere in the documentation whether MATUSR did or did not support extra material cards. Would you have any idea if that's possible? Thanks, Cédric brick_coupled_builtin.fem brick_coupled_matusr.fem matusr.F
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