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  1. @Chris Coker Sorry to disappoint i could not get access to Altair Connect that's why i could not read those guidelines, I have contacted Altair connect and hope they will grant me access. After going through those tutorials and guidelines , I will surely re-upload my files. Thank you.
  2. @Chris Coker Here I have attached a demo file of which I am trying to analyze the forces ad stress. Animation seems to be fine but the force graph plotted is ranging from 0 to 6E+007 which I think is problematic... Can you help me getting right force analyzed for the model. Spur_Demo.zip
  3. @Chris Coker Thank You for your valuable response! I can have done my course fully and covered and practice all the problems ,but it seems that there is lot to discover more in motionview. Is there any other resource or any other tutorials that can help me. And also certain contact i make with right stiffness and exponent , while animating the bodies seems to be intersecting each other. What may be the case?
  4. Thanks @Chris Coker for your reply! Its been 2 days and my Altair Connect account is not yet approved. Can i get those files anywhere else? I need them urgently. And also, Can we create a contact between two flexible bodies??
  5. Hello, I have just complete the course on Altair university of Multi Body Simulation and as a practice I am trying analyze the stress distribution on coupled gears. I want to provide angular velocity to one gear and analyze the stress. I did create the flexible bodies , contact and motion but i had an error! Contact graphics undefined for contact force id = 301001! I believe its because i create a rigid to rigid contact between the bodies, later i created the deformable surface and set the contact(Point to deformable surface) but the simulation isnt what i was expecting. Can you tell correct way to analyze the problem? Which step have a gone Wrong?
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